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  • More Sales - Faster sites provide a better user experience and are proven to get more conversions
  • More Traffic - Google is known to rank faster loading sites high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
  • More Opt-ins - Studies has shown that slow loading sites are unpopular with users and get less engagement

WOT Cache Plugin Main Features

Page caching
Caching guarantees your site loads faster, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions.
File Compression
This reduces the weight of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files through MINIFICATION (removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality)
GZIP Compression
As well as being a great way to save bandwidth – This also reduces the file size of a page and decreases page load time.
Image Optimization
Does as it says on the tin - reduces the size of your site’s images, which helps your pages loaded faster.
Lazy Load
Images and videos are only loaded as the visitor scrolls down the page - massively improving page load time.
Render blocking content
Remove render blocking CSS and JavaScript
Browser Caching
Reduces page load times by storing commonly used files from your website, on your visitor’s browser.
Combine files
Combines CSS and JavaScript files
Google Fonts Optimization
Google Fonts are loaded asynchronously
Database Optimization
Automatically cleans up your database to remove unnecessary bloat and reduce its size.
Remove query strings
Improve your GT Metrix grade by removing query strings from CSS/JavaScript files.
Not everyone is a tech wizard. Within WOT Cache we’ve set up a special preset feature for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WOT Cache plugin and what does it do? WOT Cache plugin is an optimization tool and a cache plugin. According to google guidelines, we already know that having a fast site is one of their ranking signals. Therefore, improving site speed is ‘MUST DO’ to improve your SERP ranking. This plugin will help you do that.
Q: What's your money back guarantee option? Firstly, we are committed to fixing any issues and guarantee your satisfaction always. Simply reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance. Our 30-day money back guarantee applies if we cannot fix a genuine issue once you’ve brought it to our attention.
Q: How many sites can I use this plugin on? The plugin license allows you to use it on one website. If you want to use the plugin on another site, you will need to purchase another license key.
Q: What is the preset revolution option? Not everyone is a tech wizard. Within WOT Cache we’ve set up a special preset feature for you. This enables you to choose your own theme from a preset list that appears on the drop-down menu. Once selected the plugin will automatically set itself up. Then all you need to do is press Save and the preset option is applied.
Q: Do you provide a free version of your plugin? We do not offer a free version because all the tools and features within WOT Cache come as a comprehensive package that works together. With so many benefits – we feel that the price is fair compared to other plugins that do much less and cost 3x more.
Q: Do you have any limitations regarding plugin updates? No, there are no limitations that hinder updating your version as many times as you like. In addition, the plugin is essential in optimizing your site’s functionality and speed of access, which is fundamental for ranking in Google. So, we encourage you to keep updating on a regular basis.
Q: What is the Image Optimization feature for? This refers to the plugin’s ability to crawl your website to find suitable images for optimization purposes. To use this function: Go to the ‘Tab Images Optimization’ option, set the quality of images you want optimized and press ‘Optimize Images’. It's that simple.

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